About Me – Emily @ FreshMilkMama

Here’s a little bit about me and my family

  • My husband and I are college sweethearts and we’ve been married nearly 12 years. We are both from the USA but we live in Hong Kong
  • I’ve had hobbies that range from knitting to kayaking to bagpiping. Now my hobby is making pancakes for my son because it’s the only food he’ll eat (at least you can hide veggies in pancakes)
  • We love to travel and we’ve had quite a few adventures with our son, visiting countries including Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and more
  • No, my toddler does not sleep through the night (yes, I’m tired!)
  • Our two dachshunds, Daisy and George, currently live with their grandparents in the USA while we live in Hong Kong. You can follow their exploits on Instagram @DeorgeDoxies.

Thank You for Visiting!

img_6975I wish I had created Fresh Milk Mama sooner! Writing about my breastfeeding mis-adventures in real time would have been cathartic, but all of my energy was focused on coping as a new parent. 

While I am here to write first and foremost about breastfeeding, I will also occasionally share my insight and experience surrounding baby sleep, traveling with little ones, maintaining a healthy lifestyle postpartum (yes, I am a recovering eat-a-chocolate-bar-a-day-to-cope-as-a-new-mom type), and raising children abroad.

Thanks for visiting… comments or questions? Contact me here. 🙂