BBG Progress Update – Stalled at Week 10

lose baby weight with bbg


lose baby weight with bbgBBG – I’m Stuck at Week 10

I love the BBG program, but I’ve been stalled at Week 10 for almost two months now (I completed week 9 on September 3). Each Monday I tell myself I’m going to get back to it, and every week I have creative new excuses.

Ok, the excuses aren’t even that creative, it’s just life stuff. Since early September when I started taking this break I’ve been sick twice and my son has been sick 3 times. We also had family visiting for a while and we took a trip to Macau.

I have been exercising when I can and I *almost* managed to get through week 10 in early October, but I didn’t make it through in the end. I’m going to try not to make any more excuses and just be honest here… Week 10 is HARD!

I had last looked at my progress in week 8 – abs were flattening out nicely, plus I felt a heck of a lot stronger and more energized. Read about my initial BBG experience and see photos here.

A Look at My Progress

Now, I’ll share my progress today. Below are my pre-BBG and week 8 progress photos, along with a shot from this morning.

lose baby weight with bbg

I wasn’t looking forward to donning a bikini to take these photos, but you know what? I’m really happy with the result! While I haven’t been following the BBG program for a while now, I have squeezed in cardio when I can, along with the *very* occasional resistance session. 

I’m Happy with this Progress!

I’m really encouraged by my photos today because they made me realize something important – I’ve adapted to the healthy lifestyle encouraged by BBG. I eat wholesome and healthy meals, and exercise when I can. Before I started BBG a lot of junk food had crept into my diet and I feel fantastic now that I’ve stopped eating so much junk.

While I still want to finish round 1 and then do it all over again before round 2, I’m really happy to see that my lifestyle overall has changed for the better and now I’m a happier and healthier me.

Goal: Finish BBG Round 1 by the End of 2016

So, let me write out my goal here – finish BBG round 1 by the end of December. Sounds easy, but I don’t want to set up myself up for failure seeing as I haven’t managed to knock out the last 3 weeks in a period of almost 2 months. This way I can kick off 2017 with BBG 1, round 2!

Have you ever fallen into a rut or stalled out in a workout program? Share your experience in the comments below!

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