111 Benefits of Breastfeeding

benefits of breastfeeding

benefits of breastfeeding



Benefits of Breastfeeding from MomLovesBest

This week, we’re featuring an amazing infographic created by Jenny at MomLovesBest. This is the ultimate breastfeeding resource – 111 benefits of breastfeeding! Look no further for motivation to breastfeed and answers to any question you might have about breastfeeding your baby.


111 Benefits of Breastfeeding and Why We Need to Know Them

It should be simple, right? But for something that is so natural, breastfeeding throws one curveball after another to new moms. Just when you think you may be getting the hang of it, a new problem or challenge presents itself.


Because breastfeeding isn’t as simple or straightforward as we would expect it to be, moms like us need help and encouragement for when we feel like giving up. If you have moments when you feel like buying a can of formula and calling it a day, it helps to remember why you chose to breastfeed in the first place.


MomLovesBest.com has created a breastfeeding resource that highlights 111 benefits of breastfeeding. On rough days when your nipples feel like they might actually be on fire, this material can be enough to keep you moving forward toward your goal of exclusively breastfeeding your baby.


When you feel like giving up, you’ll be able to remind yourself of all the wonderful health benefits breastfeeding offers both you and your child. You’ll be reducing cancer risks for both of you, and safeguarding your hearts. As a new mom, the only time you want to worry about your heart is when you wonder how it can possibly contain all the love you feel when you look at your newborn baby.


In addition to health benefits, you’ll learn how breastfeeding impacts every aspect of your life — from finances to even the health of your planet. Just knowing these benefits might strengthen your commitment to breastfeeding. And sometimes a little extra motivation is all you need to reach your goals.


About Jenny from MomLovesBest

Jenny is just another Mom trying to do her Best. She loves organizing things into lists and helping others find what they are looking for. When she’s not using her powers to find her kids missing socks, you can find her blogging on everything from breastfeeding advocacy to actionable parenting tips at MomLovesBest.com

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  1. What a great info graphic!!! And such good reminders. I’ve been lucky and been able to breastfeed all 4 of my boys without any challenges. But that encouragement is still needed when you sometimes just don’t want to be touched or tied down from doing things; to remember why we chose this and to let go of everything else and enjoy baby 😉

    1. Hi Nadine, that’s awesome that you’ve breastfed all 4 of your boys without challenges! I agree the encouragement is nice sometimes. I am glad I breastfeed my son but sometimes I do just want ‘me time’ and a break from the responsibility of physical nourishment. I also love this infographic because it is great to share with friends who are pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding.

  2. Amazing Infographics! I must congratulate you and thank you for sharing this great post and useful information 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  3. Hi, I have a general query to ask.

    What is better, direct breast feeding or feeding milk with a breast pump, as there are several blogs where they advertise breast pump?

    1. I think it is difficult to say which is better – direct breastfeeding or feeding expressed milk. Ultimately, the baby is benefitting from mother’s milk in both situations, and I would call that the most important factor. Many working moms or moms who have challenges feeding directly offer expressed milk successfully. I think a breast pump is an important accessory for many moms today, working or not, so they have the ability to express milk and leave it for their child if they will be away from them during a feeding.

  4. The most important in breastfeeding is good preparation! I had so many questions about breastfeeding when my son was born. I was lost and depressed because somehow it was very difficult for me. I felt that I won’t handle it. I was searching the net and I have found an awesome ebook HOW TO MAKE BREASTFEEDING PLEASANT AND EASY from this website http://www.parental-love.com It made me stronger and I knew I could deal with all these problems I had. I am sooo happy to say that I made it! I was breastfeeding my boy for 18 months! I wouldn’t do it without this guide! I only regret I didn’t know about it and read it before my son was born

    1. This guide is good! I compared it to a few books that I have about breastfeeding and “How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” is surely the best so far!

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