How I Lost My Baby Weight Without Exercising

lose baby weight

How to Lose Baby Weight – Part 1

This is a two-part series about how I lost weight post baby. I lost my baby weight in 5 months without exercising. This made me happy, but I felt kind of… mushy. This piece will talk about the initial weight loss. Eventually, once my son was about a year old, I found the energy to really exercise and selected the BBG program to tone up – find my BBG chronicle here.  

Baby Weight Gain & Loss Graphi

I gained 31 pounds (14kg) in my pregnancy. My son was born on July 18 and I finally got back to my pre-pregnancy weight on December 29. This was a lot slower than I wanted, but I was working full time and didn’t make great efforts to hit the gym or eat less than 5 candy bars a week (hey, being a new parent is stressful!).

Getting back to pre-pregnancy weight was great, but there was a problem… my body wasn’t really the same shape as before I had a baby. I desperately wanted my old clothes to fit as comfortably as they used to. I knew I’d need to actually do some real exercise to get to the body I wanted, but with work and life were in the way.

lose baby weight

Here’s what I did to lose baby weight without exercising:

  1. I breastfed. Some say breastfeeding helps you lose weight and some say the opposite. I strongly believe breastfeeding aided my weight loss because it made me hungry ALL THE TIME. If I made good eating choices I felt like pounds shed themselves naturally as I burned calories to nurse.
  2. I ate really healthy (aside from my candy bar addiction). Without the restrictions on what I could eat during pregnancy, I focused on the cleanest, freshest diet I could. I really believe this diet, packed with fresh veggies and lean protein, made a big difference as I tried to lose weight without exercising. I cut out refined carbs except for on weekends, added protein at breakfast in the form of eggs or greek yogurt, and snacked on fruit and nuts.
  3. I prepped meals in bulk. To facilitate the healthy eating I just mentioned, my husband or I would cook big meals 2-3 mornings a week to eat for lunch and dinner. If we waited to cook after work we were too tired and would default to mac n’ cheese. But in the morning we could roast meat and vegetables while getting ready for work.
  4. I walked. I wasn’t motivated to hit the gym. Instead, I walked to and from work (25 minutes each way) and on weekends I put the baby in the ergo and joined my husband as he walked the dogs. I also carried my son with me on errands. I felt like carrying him automatically made any walking at least a bit of a workout since I was wearing the extra weight.
  5. I slept. No, I didn’t have a unicorn baby that slept through the night. I got home from work at 6:30, nursed baby, had him down by 7:30, ate dinner, got in bed by 9… and stayed there until 7am the next day (my son slept next to me in a bassinet so night feedings were as simple as possible). Was this a ridiculous amount of time in bed? Yes. Did it hinder me doing any chores or general life admin tasks? Yes. But did I feel good? Yes!
  6. I weighed myself weekly. Sure, people will say it’s unhealthy to focus so much on your weight, but it motivated me to see the numbers drop. I also measured my waist each week. The day before I gave birth my waist measured 41 inches (104cm) and after 5 months it measured 30.3 inches (77cm).
  7. I drank water. I was motivated to stay hydrated because I was breastfeeding, but I focused on water only so I wouldn’t add any calories from juice or other beverages. When water was too boring I added a slice of fresh lemon. I also drank a maximum of one cup of coffee a day.
  8. I ate candy. So, I alluded to a nasty candy bar habit above. I couldn’t help it – being a new parent was really stressful for me, and I coped with an almost nightly dose of chocolate. Make no mistake, I don’t think this facilitated my weight loss at all, but I want to point out that I was human and I indulged and still managed to lose my baby weight in a reasonable amount of time.

lose baby weight

Eventually, once my son was a year old I decided it was time to exercise again and I started BBG by Kayla Itsines. I definitely feel better and see visible results. Read about it here.

lose baby weight

lose baby weight









Did you lose your baby weight? Let me know your comments or tips for success below.

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  1. I did all that and more, well except the sleep my son woke up constantly for nearly 3 years, and gained a ton. Nursed for 3 years, ate healthy, climbed mountains while carrying him, etc. Now nearly at his 4th birthday I’m heavier than 2 weeks after he was born :'( Having a child has basically destroyed my body.

  2. What an inspiring post! It seems like you did all the right things – including the candy 🙂 And I agree, breastfeeding helped my weight loss too. I think it really can – unless you compensate by eating way too much, of course. It is easy to be totally starving while breastfeeding!

  3. I had a baby 9 weeks ago and I am struggling to loose all the baby weight. Having a baby exhausting so I find myself eating what’s convenient or just skipping meals all together. I need to bite the bullet and force myself back into a healthy eating routine.

    1. I know how hard it is! I was really lucky that my husband stepped up and started preparing a lot of our meals. If it was just me my breakfast would be a piece of toast. He was so helpful scrambling eggs and making the larger meals I needed. That said, I still ate a lot of what was just convenient at first and then slowly tried to reduce the convenience food while eating more whole foods… over time it worked!

  4. Your baby is adorable! And it’s cool how you were able to lose all that weight without exercising…although walking and carrying baby does sound like exercise to me!

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